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About Kelowna:
Located in the interior of SuperNatural British Columbia, Kelowna sits on the shores of 120 km long Okanagan Lake.
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  • About Lessons:

    Learning to windsurf has never been better. Hot sun, warm water, new equipment and a gentle breeze make LEARNING IN 60 MINUTES the new windsurfing reality.
    And for sound advice on the rapidly growing sport of kiteboarding, we can help save you time, save you money, and keep you in one piece.

    NO Lessons/Rentals Available 2010-06-15

    Windsurfing lessons/rentals will NOT be available until further notice. Kiteboarding introductory lesson only, by appointment (NO RENTALS, no water lessons). Squamish (Aerial KB) or Nitnat BC is your best bet for full lesson packages (and Hood River OR).

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  • :: Instructional Videos
    Starboard "Start Windsurfing" Video:
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    Windstar Recreation is the Central Okanagan's source for the followning brands:



    Standup Paddle Boards


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